Principal Desk

Dr. Debabrata Goswami


    What The Society Is In Bare Need Of Today Is A Teacher In Its True Sense. A Teacher, And Only A Teacher, Is The Only ‘Instrument’ To Make The World A Better Place To Live In. And, KTTC Humbly Believes, Becoming A True TEACHER Is Not An Easy Job. That’s Why KTTC Has Undertaken The ‘More Tough’ Endeavour Of Forming Better Teachers. In His/Her Life, A Student Is Most Influenced By His/Her Teacher, And The Society Has Been Absolutely Benefitted By Only Teachers, Because It Is The Teacher Who Has Brought Out The Scientist Or The Engineer Or The Physician.

    Again, Today Teachership Is More A Professional Platform Than Emotion-Based Vocation. Therefore Technical Education For Dealing With Individual Differences Of The Students Has Become A More Challenging Job Than Before. In This Juncture KTTC Believes That It Has The Greater Responsibility To Provide The Society With Teachers Who Are Both Technically, Methodologically And Academically Sound. KTTC Is, Indeed, A Community Of Active Learners Sharing Best Practices, A Community Which Treat Each Other With Respect And Value And Appreciate Each Other’s Differences. We Are Dynamic And Flexible To Meet The Changing Needs Of All Learners.

    With Our Infrastructural Facilities Coupled With System Of Individual Attention To The Potential Of Each Student, We Expect Our Students To Gain The Academic Excellence Of National Benchmark. Well Planned Classrooms, Library, ICT Lab, Playground Have Been Established To Ensure Maximum Participation Of The Students To Display Their Talents More To Themselves Than To Others. The College Is Inclined To Impart Education On Moral Values, Yoga And Reasoning Aptitude For Complete Personality Development Of Our ‘Future Teachers’

    Development Of ‘Human-Makers’ In KTTC Is Expected To Achieve Through Collaborative Discourse And Differentiated Learning Between The Staff And Students, Risk Free Communication Based On Mutual Respect, And Innovative Teaching Methodologies. All Students Have The Capacity To Develop Enthusiasm To Be Life-Long Learners And Apply Their Knowledge In Near Future To Make Better Civilians Of The Country. We Expect Students To Attend Classes Regularly, Put Forth Effort In Each Classroom And Respect The Rights Of Each Individual In Our College Community. Our Goal Is To Provide Students With An Equitable Educational Experience That Is Standards-Based, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant And Immersed In Technology. KTTC Is Driven By The Belief That All Students Can Learn, That Relationships Are Central To Success And That All Students Have Something To Contribute To The Community.

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